WSE Technology Solar Energy Truths

Using Alternative Energy

WSE has several alternative energy products that make sense with reasonable payback.

Included in this report is a summary of products and systems with an estimated ROI

The first step is to decide which alternative energy makes sense for you

WSE engineers will do a detailed analysis to estimate payback

Summary- based on no government rebates

WSE Cogeneration -----------------------------------------------------2-4 year payback

Solar Climate Controlled Windows--------------------------------- 4 -6 year payback

LED Lights ---------------------------------------------------------------3- 5 year payback

Solar Thermal heating------------------------------------------------- 4 – 7 year payback

Solar PV Grid tie-------------------------------------------------------- 8 – 10 year payback

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Environmentally Friendly Hard Water Solution----------------- 2 - 3 year payback


Checkout Report Alternative Energy that makes sense with Return On Investment

Solar PV Water heating now available for under $2,000 Check it out

Solar Domestic Hot Water

See Throught Window Insulators - Save 40% on Energy Costs

Cools in summer , heats in winter



Solar Water Heating


Thermal Tubes

WSE58 Super Tubes

Our new WSE58 Super Tube system gives you the most efficient panels on the market today at the best payback.

The WSE58ST is so simple in design that you can expect trouble free operation for over 40 years with 50% thermal output even on cloudy days

20 Tube system produces up to 4,000 BTU/hr

CSA and SRCC Approved


Solar Pool Heating

Solar Domestic Water Heat

Your Environmentally Friendly Hard Water Solution


Solar Air Conditioning

Green air conditioning ( 90 % energy use reduction)

Off Grid Homes, Off Grid Cabins and Cottages

Solar Commercial Water Heating

Off Grid Solar Water Heating and Electrical Systems


CSA Approved PV Panels Grid Tied


PV Panels Off Grid


LED Lighting


Solar Water Heating

Controllers and BTU Meters

Solar Dissipators Valves and Heaters

Solar Water Domestic Heating Systems 

Solar Water Heater

Solar Commercial Heating

Heat Exchangers

Off Grid Living Overview

Off Grid Living with all the Toys


Power Inverters for Off Grid


Stand Alone Water Heating

Solar PV Systems Overview

New Saskatchewan Net Metering Program

CSA Approved Solar Panels

Grid Tie Inverters

Solar Panels Not CSA Approved

Solar Controller

Solar Streetlight

Solar Heating Applications

Canadian Solar Rebates and Incentives

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