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WSE539 Thermal Meter

Now you can determine your btu or kw thermal energy you are getting from your solar water heating panels with this low cost , accurate, reliable and portable thermal meter

Remember that 1 kilowatt equals 3,400 btu

Powered by two lithium batteries with a 10 year lifespan.
Stores and displays the cumulative index of the last 15 months.
A compact unit comprising a meter, an integrator and two temperature sensors.
All the data is stored in a non-volatile EEPROM memory and is saved in the event of a power cut.

The compact thermal energy meter consists of a single jet flow sensor with magnetic sensor, an integrator and two temperature sensors. The inlet fitting includes a filter which traps any larger impurities
Flow sensor
The flow sensor complies with state-of-the-art technology.
Thanks to the high quality standard, many years of operating reliability are guaranteed.
The flow sensor operates in the dry, and the impeller wheel is equipped with a special
hard metal bearing. As only the impeller wheel works in the wet area, problems that
might be caused by impurities in the water are largely excluded.
The sensor mounting point is integrated into the flow sensor.
The integrator is equipped with a 7-digit LCD display and can be rotated through 350°. In standard metering operations the battery life of up to 6 years can be guaranteed.
Temperature sensor
The temperature sensors Pt10'000Ω are permanently connected to the measuring unit. The return flow sensor is built into the sensor mounting position in the flow sensor as standard. The supply flow sensor can be mounted directly or by means of sensor pockets
Simple operating and reading design

The LCD display is large and clear for for ease of reading.

Theindicated values relevant to an invoice such as accumulated energy, volume and any error codes are indicated on the first operational level.

If the indicator button is depressed for longer than 4 seconds, the WSE539
switches to operational level 2,the 15 monthly values are displayed.

If the indicator button is depressed for a further 4 seconds, the unit switches to service mode.

Dependingon the parameters, the following service informationcan be shown, for example:
- current heat power
- current flow
- flow and return temperature
- hour run meter


During the development of the WSE539 maximum importance was placed on repeatable, accurate heat measurement over long periods.
The WSE539 meets these requirements with its clear technical and design specification, and therefore complies with EN 1434.

Energy calculation

The flow sensor records the flow and the pair of temperature sensors records every two minutes the supply and return flow temperatures. Using a microprocessor, the integrator calculates the temperature difference and then calculates the thermal energy, respectively the heating/cooling energy, consumed using the average flow and the heat coefficient

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