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#1 Solar Water Heating

We have developed and continue to develop solar water heating products and systems.

If you could visit our office on a cold 40 below day ( sun always shines when its 40 below) you would not believe the sun heat we are generating to heat for our solar domestic water and also solar heat our building. Our Solar Water Heating System will give you best solar heat output for your dollar cost of any supplier, en fact we are the only solar water heating company that publishes the btu per hour output.

We recently had a customer that bought a certified solar domestic water system for over $3,000 and after talking to us found he could have bought a system from WSE that would no only heat his water but assist in heating his house and garage for less money, so talk to us before you buy

Click here to see how amazing solar water heating is (Also check out our totally off grid solar water heater system)


solar water heating

Solar Heating Confession

I installed 7 - WSE47 panels on my 30 by 40 ft machine shed this fall. I have in floor heating with electric heat. During the month of December 08 we had lots of -30 deg C days. The system worked amazing heating the water tank over 30 deg. C. With about a 15 deg drop returning to the water tank after returning thru the floor. I estimate that this system will pay for itself in about two years and will save me about $60,000 in heating bills over the life of the system which should be about 20 years

Don Elliott Farmer Sonningdale Sask.

solar water heating

2009 New Year Confession

Happy New Year to you. Today in the Yukon it was -41c warming to -33c the sun was out nice. The solar system was heating the water at 35c.
Nice and hot. I had a neighbour over looking at things and he was very impressed with it. Who would have known that one can get that kind of heat out of the sun on a cold Yukon day. As the day light gets a little longer it will only get better. I will start to show and tell a little more. I think every one will want one in their home in the north. Good deal. Have your self a good day.

Comments on February 12th 2009

Hope all is well on your end. We are seeing more sun these days. Today started at -33c warming to -25c I watched the heat in the system go up to 72c it was so hot one could not put your hand near any of the lines.
Wow! It has been preheating the water tank good.

Scott Jamieson

#2 LED Lights

Led's are ideal for Canada because the are instant on at 60 below. LED lights last forever and burn no energy. If you trying to save energy costs they are a must.


LED Lighting Confession

This comparison is the energy saving replacing a 60 watt incandescent light bulb with an equivalent LED light with a cost of 10 cents a kilowatt hour.

Your cost per year for 60 watt = $37.00

Cost for equivalent LED Light  =  $3.70

Saving per Year  using LED     = $33.30

If you have 20 lights in your house  =$666 saving per year

This does not take into consideration that the LED will operate 12 years at an operating time of 12 hours per day.

WSE Solar Truths

When we first became interested in LED lighting we bought a couple of LED bulbs from a large retailer. We were very disappointed with the light output, but we still liked the idea of reducing the electricity required for the 21 halogen bulbs in the house. At 50 watts each they were consuming a lot of power. So, an extensive search online for a better solution ensued.

After a couple of months of research we came across WSE Technologies and their LED bulbs. We ordered three and were extremely happy with the results. The cool white lights provide a very bright and clean look. We are currently replacing all of our halogen bulbs with LED lighting and have used them in a bathroom renovation. The bathroom is now bright and the lights are easy on the eyes. The products and service we received from WSE Technologies were outstanding!

Matthew and Laurel in Carberry, MBWSE Halogen Relacement

WSE leds

WSE led lights

led lighting

Solar Truths

We’ve just changed the lighting in our off grid cabin and found  the technical support at WSE to be terrific but the incredible efficiency of the LED’s was amazing! 

A typical room went from 200 watts of halogen lights down to 12 watts with the LED’s and a noticeable increase in illumination. 

We’ve done the shop and even put a panel and LED’s in the outhouse, now………..on  to the next project!  Thanks for your help!
Way Up in Northern Saskatchewan

led lighting

led lights

WSE led lighting

#3 PV Grid Tied

The wisest financial investments begin with knowledge.

Solar energy is no different. Before you invest, WSE MicroFIT will help ensure you understand the technology, performance and economics.

If you have an approved FIT or microFIT application, you need to talk to WSE MicroFIT. Our goal is to be the price leader among providers of best-performing systems.

WSE MicroFIT aims to provide customers with the best return on investment, by offering high performance equipment at leading price.

  • Solar PV systems up to 100kW
  • Focus on customer education & satisfaction
  • Helpful, professional, informed dealers
  • Best warranties available

If you live in Canada and would like to find out if PV Grid Tie Systems makes sense

Talk to Samantha [email protected] or call 519 942 2222

Provinces such as Ontario are paying up to $.80 a kilowatt

Dealer Inquiries Welcome


info on WSEmicrofit

#4 Off Grid Homes, Off Grid Cabins and Cottages

Discuss Solar PV including controllers, inverters and batteries, Solar Water Heating,Water Pumping, LED lighting and much more

more info

WSE Head Office ( Saskatoon)

WSE R&D Center ( Nemeibem Lake)


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