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Solar Cooling and Solar Heating Combined

Solar Chiller and Solar Heating

Solar Air Conditioning



  • Air Conditioning, Heating, Hot Water and Pool Heating combined

  • Commercial buildings and Residential

  • Retrofit and New construction

Engineering and Installation

  • Systems are designed by WSE qualified engineers
  • Installated by local qualified contractors ensuring profession install and qualification for federal and local incentives and rebates


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Solar Cooling and Solar Heating Information

Solar Cooling System Features

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panels for solar cooling and heating




WSE chillers or chiller-heaters have cooling capacities of 10, 20 and 30 tons of refrigeration and produce chilled water for cooling or hot water for heating in comfort air conditioning applications. The absorption cycle is energized by a heat medium (hot water) at 158oF to 203oF from an industrial process, cogeneration system, solar energy or other heat source and the condenser is water cooled through a cooling tower.

Absorption Principle

The WSE absorption chiller or chiller-heater uses a solution of lithium bromide and water, under a vacuum, as the working fluid. Water is the refrigerant and lithium bromide, a nontoxic salt, is the absorbent. Refrigerant, liberated by heat from the solution, produces a refrigerating effect in the evaporator when cooling water is circulated through the condenser and absorber


Solar Cooling

When the heat medium inlet temperature exceeds 154.4oF, the solution pump forces dilute lithium bromide solution into the generator. The solution boils vigorously under vacuum and droplets of concentrated solution are carried with refrigerant vapor to
the primary separator. After separation, refrigerant vapor flows to the condenser and concentrated solution is precooled in the heat exchanger before flowing to the absorber.
In the condenser, refrigerant vapor is condensed on the surface of the cooling coil and latent heat, removed by the cooling water, is rejected to a cooling tower. Refrigerant liquid accumulates in the condenser and then passes through an orifice into the evaporator.
In the evaporator, the refrigerant liquid is exposed to a substantially deeper vacuum than in the condenser due to the influence of the absorber. As refrigerant liquid flows over the surface of the evaporator coil it boils and removes heat, equivalent to the latent heat
of the refrigerant, from the chilled water circuit. The recirculating chilled water is cooled to 44.6oF and the refrigerant vapor is attracted to the absorber.
A deep vacuum in the absorber is maintained by the affinity of the concentrated solution from the generator with the refrigerant vapor formed in the evaporator. The refrigerant vapor is absorbed by the concentrated lithium bromide solution flowing across the surface of the absorber coil. Heat of condensation and dilution are removed by the cooling water and rejected to a cooling tower. The resulting dilute solution is preheated in a heat exchanger before returning to the generator where the cycle is repeated.


When the heat medium inlet temperature exceeds 154.4oF, the solution pump forces dilute lithium bromide solution into the generator. The solution boils vigorously under a vacuum to generate refrigerant vapor and droplets of concentrated solution. Since the changeover valve is open during heating operation, the mixture of refrigerant vapor and concentrated solution flows directly into the evaporator. Some refrigerant vapor flows through the condenser before reaching the evaporator.
Hot refrigerant vapor condenses on the surface of the evaporator coil and heat, equivalent to the latent heat of the refrigerant, is transferred to the hot water circuit. The recirculating water is heated to 131oF. Refrigerant liquid mixes with concentrated lithium bromide solution and the resulting dilute solution returns to the generator where the cycle is repeated.


  • Absorption cycle energized by hot water at 158oF to 203oF from process, cogeneration, solar or other waste heat sources.
  • Safe, odorless, non-toxic working fluids of lithium bromide and wateroperate under a vacuum at all times.
  • Supplied as a chiller only or a chillerheater for applications that require separation of heating water and heat medium circuits due to glycol, operating pressure, flow or piping limitations.
  •  Crystallization prevented in the generator by utilizing a solution pump and gravity drain-back system.
  •  Single hermetic pump controls solution flow.
  •  Faster cold start-up time than similar chillers with flooded generators.
  • Chilled water and hot water outlet temperatures controlled by a built-in microprocessor with outputs to control a 3-way valve and/or heat medium pump (supplied by others).
  •  All chillers and chiller-heaters supplied with a standard weatherproof cabinet suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Built-in shutdown controls for high heat medium temperature and abnormal cooling water conditions.
  • Cooling capacities increased at 85oF cooling water and when energized by 203oF heat medium.
  •  Ideal for a two pipe hydronic system in which chilled or hot water is circulated to a central airhandling unit or multiple fan-coil units.
  •  Cooling or heating operation on chiller-heaters can be selected from a remote or built-in switch.
  • Only 30 minute delay required for operation changeover.
  •  Transportation and lifting are simplified because of modular construction.
  •  Factory charged and performancetested.
  • UL Listed for USA and Canada.



Financing with Power Purchase Agreement ( Available in California and Arizona )

Agreement structure
• Financier owns and operate Solar system
• Power Purchase Agreement between Customer and Financier
• Energy supply is invoiced monthly at a predefined (flat) fee
• Energy supply is measured and reported on a regular basis
• Buy-out option included in PPA agreement
End customer advantages
• Reduced energy costs
• Renewable energy and reduced CO2 emissions
• Marketing "Sustainable/Green/Ecofriendly"
• Insurance from future energy price increases
• No up front investment needed


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